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About Sunstrike TradeUp

A Global Footprint

In India we have a pan India presence with 18 regional offices headquartered out of Delhi.

Trusted Universally

We have grown and evolved along with the global telecom industry. Our passion & core commitment to quality solutions delivery for all our clients, have made us their most trusted partner. The experience & trust we have gained fuels our zeal for excellence.

Integrated Solutions

Our partners rely on us to provide them with unified solutions at any stage of the product life cycle - from local sales and distribution to redistribution and fully managed end to end mobile device trade in solutions. We are the preferred partner of Tier 1 network operators and handset manufacturers and organised and independent retailers across the world. They rely on us to to assist with their customer retention and acquisition strategies.

Extensive Market Expertise

We’re local across 6 continents and our unique Product and Proposition Localisation Programme enables us to optimise solutions for our partners to deliver their business objectives.

What we Do?

Our services can be divided into 6 core expertise areas in forward and reverse distribution of mobile devices. We hold a leading position in our space by market share, revenue and volume

Expertise Areas
  • Trading and distribution of Mobile devices
    • We have had immense success in creating a major presence in developed countries which have well-planned traditional logistics, channel development and marketing strategies. Our thrust for next level of growth is in the emerging markets where innovative local logistics, channel development and marketing strategies are the key success factors for market success and growth. To learn more go to

  • Purchase and liquidation of surplus and

    end of line inventory

    • With a discreet modus operandi and optimum yielding pricing process, we purchase surplus inventory or end-of-line mobile devices, which are redistributed in line with our partners geographic requirements. We also assist operators and retailers with large quantity purchases to achieve minimum order quantity requirements and price discounts from manufacturers. To learn more go to

  • OEM/ODM solutions
    • Our manufacturing division is strategically located in Shenzhen where we have invested heavily in our team and infrastructure to design and manufacture feature rich, low cost mobile devices. Our world class manufacturing services include product designing , sourcing, QC, material & components, hardware assembly, functional testing, final quality control and management. To learn more go to and

  • Memory devices & Accessories
    • We hold direct distribution agreements with prestigious brands like Motorola, Samsung, LG, Kingston, Kingmax, Strontium, Sandisk. To learn more go to

  • Mobile device trade up solutions
    • Mobile Network Operators and retailers across the globe use our trade-in solutions as a customer retention and customer acquisition tool. Our mobile device trade-in solutions bridges the gap for end-user customers between desire and affordability by enabling them to offset the cost of their existing mobile device against that of a new smartphone mobile device. To learn more go to

Our highly experienced in-house, high-performance international sales & operations teams

Our services and solutions connect with all key verticals across the mobile eco-system - from device manufacturers, network operators, distributors/wholesalers and blue chip organised and independent retailers.